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Goharza Company was founded in 1991 in Yazd province, center of Iran. We are the first and biggest producer of potassium nitrate nationwide. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Our main ambition was a product with high quality with application in tile glaze production. Currently by extending our technical knowledge, we are producing potassium nitrate at high quality for agricultural purposes.

Since we are using our own potassium nitrate, the produced NPK fertilizers are in high quality and uniformity. Our company has the ability to provide different kind of NPK fertilizer at very high quality in 10 and 25 kg bags.

Nitrogen helps plants grow quickly and increases the production of seed and fruits and gives them brighter green color by providing the fundamental component of chlorophyll. Phosphorus plays a key role in photosynthesis process. Production of oils, sugars and starches are supported by phosphorus absorption by plants.

Phosphorus also enhances the transformation of solar energy into chemical energy. The growths of root, flowering and early crop development are also promoted by phosphorus.

Potassium is the third essential elements in plants life cycle. Plants need potash to regulate growth processes and active the enzymes involved in plant growth. K element also protects plants from drought and diseases.










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